Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zilker Park

Today’s Family Friendly Free-bee is probably one of the most family friendly of our free-bees so far. It is Zilker Park in Austin, TX and it is 100% kid friendly. The whole park is set up in several different sections, so that there is something for everyone. There are extensive gardens for those who enjoy quiet walks through beautiful backgrounds of riotous color and flowery fragrance. (That doesn’t happen often with young boys, but we did manage a little bit of peace in the rose and oriental gardens.)Another part of the park is called the Austin Nature Center. It is packed full of things to see, feel and experience. We looked through the little building full of bugs, skins, bones and rocks with the help of the vast quantity of magnifying glasses provided to us. Then we went outside to view the animals in their little zoo. The bobcat was in a playful mood and the birds of prey were beautiful. It seemed that many of these animals had once been pets and were now donated to the Nature Center. Because of this, they seemed to be much more friendly than most animals you see in a zoo.
One of the boys’ favorite parts was the dinosaur pits. These are huge pits filled with sand and buried in the depths of each of them are large replicas of dinosaur bones. Of course, there are many shovels and brushes lying about to encourage the children to dig up the bones. My sons needed no encouragement, give them a shovel and a pile of sand, and they are in heaven. When they had finally finished digging and re-digging every fossil in the pits, we brushed them off and headed back home.
There was virtually nothing in the entire park that they were not allowed to touch or explore. It’s a kid’s paradise, and the cost makes it a parent’s best friend. It’s 5 thumbs up again from the Martin boys. (Well, all except maybe the time I spent in the rose garden, but they did love exploring the oriental garden with all it’s paths, streams and bridges.)

Enjoy the picture show. We liked so many we took we couldn't choose!

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