Sunday, October 10, 2010

JFK Assassination site

So I'm one weird dude who puts visiting the JFK assassination location on the top of his must see list when visiting Dallas with his family. With a passion for history that I hope to pass on at least to some of my sons, I will continue to bring my kids to these historical sites. So far it this love of history has rubbed off on Patsy and at least one of my sons.

The JFK site is a strange one because the city of Dallas for so long tried to
ignore the place because of people blaming the city for the former president's murder. Plus they have to continue using the area for the every day life of downtown Dallas. This is another site you can spend more money on than you need to. Of course you have to pay for parking, but beyond that you walk around and see the sixth floor window of the old Texas Depository building, Dealey Plaza, the Grassy Knoll and the JFK Memorial. You could pay for an informational magazine that explains some of the history and conspiracy theories, and you could pay even more to go into the 6th floor Museum and/or the cell phone walking tour.

We took some time to find the two "Xs" on Elm Street where the bullets hit JFK, the enigmatic drain that perhaps the mysterious 2nd shooter escaped in and listen to a couple of conspiracy buff with pictures on a poster board share their insights. all while trying to keep five boys safe from downtown Dallas traffic (thankfully on a Sunday afternoon).

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