Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fort Worth Water Garden

This Family Friendly Free-bee is one that I was pretty sure was NOT going to rate a 5 thumbs up before we went, but I was pleasantly surprised by how the boys rated it. It is a little park located right off a busy street in downtown Fort Worth. The fact that it had fountains made us think that maybe it would be interesting enough for the boys to enjoy seeing.

It’s actually a park about the size of a city block that has several huge fountains sprinkled throughout. And when I say “fountain” please don’t mistake this for a pretty little spitting angel kind of fountain. These are more closely related to swimming pools with sky-rocketing water shooting from their centers and sides. Each area has it’s own special sound, feel and look. And I really can’t say which was my favorite. Possibly the one you can walk down into the center of and feel like you are surrounded by a waterfall. But I do know one thing…if I worked anywhere near this garden, I would definitely be spending my lunch hours there every day.

Though I really thought this would be the kind of place that a mom would like, the boys have decided that the water fountains and cool ledges all around make it a thumbs up for boys too. It’s not the place for small children to be able to run and touch, since there is no swimming or wading. I will also tell you, it doesn’t take a long time to walk through, so don’t go there planning to spend hours. But do take your camera because the pictures opportunities are great! It’s another 5 thumbs up from the Martin boys, but then again, I wouldn’t recommend any place that doesn’t get the 5 thumb approval rating.

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