Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Waiting game

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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ride of our Lives

The most recent road trip style book I read is The Ride of our Lives. The author, Today Show correspondent Mike Leonard, took a month long trip in two different motor homes with his 80 somthing parents and 20 something children. If you can stand the constant swearing in the book (its amazing how people air thier dirty laundry), this was a humorous and touching story of a real American family. I loved how his parents never mentioned anything about the natural beauty around them but had to point out every Cosco, Burger King and misc. national chain they saw on the road.

This is definetly not a story of full timers and also not a story to sit down and read with your kids. The book does start with a great cautionary tale on making sure you have enough room to make wide turns in places like gas stations!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I read this recently on the front page of This is a great site with tons of info on the full time lifestyle and an amazing forum:

All those special souls that are interested in living on the road to:

•Experience Nature

•Pursue Adventure

•Travel North America

•Re-Connect With Loved Ones (Or Really Connect For The First Time)

•Meet Kind, Interesting People

•Find Solace, Peace, And Maybe Even A Little Spirituality

•Escape High Stress Jobs, Concrete Jungles, And Societal Pressures

•Teach Their Children In A Controlled, Real Life, Environment

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get out of debt

Before we set off on our journey one major obstacle that we felt we wanted to overcome was our debt. There was no way we wanted to have the hassle of paying of auto and credit card loans while trying to realize our dream. So a big step for us in achieving this dream is to rid ourselves totally of debt. We are over half-way there in less than five months (plus we are taking a Disney world vacation next month)!

One of the keys that I felt we needed in this debt elimination battle was a plan. I had heard of Dave Ramsey from friends and on the radio, so at a conference I picked up his book The Total Money Makeover. If you are thinking of this lifestyle or have any other dream and find a wall of debt standing in your way, I highly recommend this book. I have never taken his Financial Peace University Course, but I have friends who highly recommend it as well. Check out Dave's website at!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Recommended read - First we Quit our Jobs

I want to pass on a few good books for those of you who are considering the full-time RV lifestyle or an extended RV trip of several months or more. The first book I read was First we Quit of Jobs by Marilyn Abraham. I found this book at the public library so it fit my budget nicely. The highlights of this book for me were: 1. It was told from a personal standpoint detailing the personal journey of the author and her husband as they decided to take an extended RV trip and the process they took in getting to that decision. It also touched on the reactions of friends and family to their idea. 2. It really ignited a desire in my heart to go to Alaska. This couple spent a good portion of their trip in Alaska. This has been a life long goal, but it crystallized for me as I read their account.

The one thing with this book is that it is written from the perspective of a couple whose kids are grown. They were younger she wrote this book, but still no kids with them. Someone needs to write about an RV journey with kids! We will have to do something about that!
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