Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oatman, Arizona

This Family Friendly Freebee happens to be an entire town. It is a small little metropolis with a thriving population. However, the population that is thriving is not entirely human. Actually, the humans in this town may just be outnumbered by the wild burros that also walk it’s streets. It is the town of Oatman, Arizona and it is well worth a visit, should you ever happen to be in the area.
It’s a very quaint town resting quietly along old Route 66 in the middle of the Arizona mountains, and from the looks of it, it hasn’t changed much since the time that Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon night in it’s little hotel. The ride through the twisting, turning mountain roads is enough to make the trip into Oatman worthwhile, though I don’t believe I would want to take an RV or over sided vehicle through those turns too often. But the ride is not the best part of this trip.
The best part of this Family Friendly Freebee is that the donkeys that roam the streets are extremely friendly and love to be petted and fed. Bring a bag of carrots with you if you plan on making this trip. (Or, if you choose to spend the money, there are stores that also sell bags of donkey food for a mere $1 a bag.) The donkeys eat right out of your hand and will bring you ample opportunities for Kodak moments. Even the littlest baby burros enjoy the human attention, but don’t feed them. In fact, the town is so careful of it’s tiny donkeys, that they put little stickers on their foreheads warning you not to feed them. But they do love the snuggles and your family will love the experience.
Check out the town on it’s website before you head there though. They seem to have some of the most interesting things going on in town. They put on a gunfight in the main street a couple of times a day and while we were there, the town was preparing for it’s big “Bed Race”. It seems this town has quite a sense of humor and you wouldn’t want to miss any of the fun. For our family, the ride through the mountains on the Old Mother Road was too much fun. And the donkeys roaming the streets were a huge 5 thumbs up from the Martin boys.

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