Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns, just the name rings of exploration to me. I was fortunate to visit this national treasure in 1995, while engaged to Patsy. Ever since I have wanted to bring her and later my children to experience this natural wonder. I'm a bit weird like that. Everywhere I go without my wife or kids, I wish they were with me to see or experience it with me. Victoria Falls in Africa, Big Ben in London, Sedona in Arizona,
all places I have visited without my family and I kept wishing they were with me!

That is what is great about this trip, we are seeing all these amazing place together. We truly enjoyed the caves in Carlsbad. The boys got to do their 2nd junior ranger program of the day (they were sworn in earlier in the morning at Guadalupe Mountains National Park). Once again the crowds were back to small and manageable and the weather was decent. No bats, but we saw a million or more in Austin last October. It also feels good to be in another state besides Texas. Loved Texas, but we did spend nearly two months there!

If you visit Carlsbad be sure to at least see the Big Room and walk the entire trail there. Our four year-old Chase could do it, so most healthy adults can do it with a minimum amount of effort. Also try taking pictures with both a flash and no flash. You get very different perspectives this way. Also stop by the WIPP agency in Carlsbad and discover how the USA disposes of military grade nuclear waste 2000 feet below the surface in salt mines. then check your Morton's for a glow under black lights!

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