Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Sands National Monument

We had some of the most fun we have had on our entire trip at White Sands National Monument. While we didn't know about the sleds until it was too late, we had a blast anyway just rolling, bouncing, body surfing and tumbling down the huge dunes created from gypsum. Even mom got in on the fun (watch the video!). We also enjoyed searching for animal tracks and the younger boys did the junior ranger program, their fifth so far on this trip. Lots of badges and patches!


  1. Are you guys staying at an RV park near the Dunes? We are planning on visiting that area in the Spring, and wanted to know if you have any recommendations? Thanks! Steph

  2. Steph,

    We stayed in a state park nearby called Oliver Lee. We enjoyed it very much there. check out my post Confidence Building. There are some RV parks in Alamagordo too, but none that belonged to our club, Passport America.


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