Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa Claus, Indiana

What would be the perfect time to visit Santa Claus, Indiana? One would think around Christmas time, but one might be wrong in that assumption. A couple of days after Thanksgiving we stopped in the little tiny town of Santa Claus and found the town pretty quiet on a Saturday afternoon!

The campground in town was closed for the season, so we could not stay there, which meant we could not stay to see the light show at night. The theme park Holiday World was closed for the winter and so was a local eatery called Frostys. Hmmm, maybe this town should have had a Labor Day theme!

We did stop by Santa's Candy Castle, which was open for business and our main reason for swinging by this oddly named burg. Even here we were a bit disappointed by what was mostly a store with five dollar hot chocolates and a chance to write Santa at seven dollars a pop! I guess Charlie Brown was right when he said Christmas was becoming too commercialized!

They do have some fun bubble gum machines inside where for a quarter you can watch your bubble gum do all sorts of fun twists and turns and bounces and lifts before you eventually get it for some chewing delight. This was fun, but our favorite thing in Santa Claus was the chainsaw artist who was carving a St. Nick out of a hunk of wood in the parking lot of the Candy Castle! We enjoyed watching him in his element and perusing his completed works. Almost wanted to buy one, but then where would we put it in Howard!

So from our perspective, Santa Claus, Indiana may be a better place to visit in the summer! At least we did not drive very far out of our way and we had a little fun stopping in this town.


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  1. Did you miss the Santa Claus Museum and Santa's Elves? We're located next to the 1935 Santa Claus statue here in town. We're open Fridays through Sundays this time of year. Children may write to Santa and drop their letters in his mailbox - the Santa's Elves will see to it each child receives a personal reply (no charge, of course). http://SantaClausMuseum.org Meanwhile, Holiday World is open May through October - hope you're able to return in warmer weather. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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