Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Campground Review - Adventure Bound RV Park

When in Tucson or Pheonix Arizona in January with kids, one can not be picky about the RV Park one stays in. While we loved Tucson, we had a hard time finding an RV campground that would accept kids (or Patsy and I for that matter, not being over 55). We lucked out with Adventure Bound Tucson RV Park, otherwise known as Cactus Country RV Park (what the sign says). It was a bit pricier than we are accustomed to paying since no parks in the Tucson or Pheonix area honor half-price clubs in the winter. They did let us have the 10% discount.

Nearby attractions - 7 - Tucson close by, Tombstone 60 minutes away. Decent amount of stuff to do.

Staff - 9 - Very nice folks who did not get mad when we decided to stay an extra day and forgot to pay!

Natural surroundings - 9 - Amazing views, lot of birds and trees and cacti. A good 20 minutes from the edge of Tucson. Good and bad.

Value - 6 - We paid $38 a night for four nights.

Bathrooms - 7 - Nice bathrooms, slight odor that only the picky noses in our family smelt.

Roominess - 8 - Our lot was 45 feet wide. not bad. Not all of them are this wide though.

Facility fun - 8 - Heated pool and hot tub. Small playground. A few activities we did not take part in.

Cleanliness - 9 - They really worked hard at keeping the park clean and well manicured.

Facility usefulness - 8 - Two laundry facilities, lending (not swapping) library, wifi is not very good. They sell propane, small store, we had back-in site. Clothes-line to save money on laundry!

Overall - 8 - Everyone in our family enjoyed Tucson and this park helped make our stay fun!

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