Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stuffington Bear Factory

Did you know there are only two working stuffed animal factories left in the United States? I guess we get most of our stuffed animals and teddy bears from cheap labor overseas. The Stuffington Bear Factory in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the two left standing! Our family made a stop here on our way out of Phoenix.

I will admit Blake was slightly less than thrilled, but he agreed to help us with the younger guys. Tanner on the other hand collects stuffed animals and was quite excited about stopping in to see the factory and use some of his money to make his own teddy bear.

The tour was the prefect length for toddlers and early elementary aged kids. Not only did they get to go back into the factory, they got to touch fur, eyes, thread, fluff and even have an air gun shot on their arm. There are nice blue tiles marking where to stay during the tour and they also got to see a bear stuffed.

Afterwards we had some lunch in their back parking lot and then Tanner went in with mom and made his bear. You not only get to stuff your bear, you can bathe and comb it as well as pick out some ribbons for it. Tanner went with the most affordable bear for only $10. It is a pretty good deal because it is so well made. He named his bear Jonathan! If you don't buy a bear, there is no cost for this tour!

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