Monday, March 22, 2010

The Ride of our Lives

The most recent road trip style book I read is The Ride of our Lives. The author, Today Show correspondent Mike Leonard, took a month long trip in two different motor homes with his 80 somthing parents and 20 something children. If you can stand the constant swearing in the book (its amazing how people air thier dirty laundry), this was a humorous and touching story of a real American family. I loved how his parents never mentioned anything about the natural beauty around them but had to point out every Cosco, Burger King and misc. national chain they saw on the road.

This is definetly not a story of full timers and also not a story to sit down and read with your kids. The book does start with a great cautionary tale on making sure you have enough room to make wide turns in places like gas stations!


  1. ..We will definitely be getting away from every Cosco, Burger King and misc. national chain!! We see enough of those as it is. I really want to enjoy all of these U.S. sites unseen with the family unit.
    Best wishes and Drive safe!

  2. Wow, nice blog. Very cute!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Maybe we'll meet up on the road one day!

  3. I found this book at the library and thought it would make a great family read aloud. We quickly found out otherwise. We did watch the DVD that accompanied it. Cute blog! Enjoy your adventure!:)

  4. Guess what guys-

    I've given you an award on my blog. Pick it up there!


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