Saturday, October 16, 2010


At the moment we are staying in the driveway of our good friends Dave and Kandace Raymond in Abilene, Texas. We know the Raymonds from when we both lived in Roanoke. The Raymonds are one family that we know that have adopted more kids than us! We are at three (and holding) and the Raymonds have adopted all four of their children.

Today we went with some of the family to the Abilene Zoo. This zoo is on our reciprocal membership so we got in for free We saved at least $40 this time with our membership. This was a great little zoo. We got some crackers at the entrance and got to feed some of the animals. The giraffes were the highlight of the feeding trip. Check out the video below of the giraffes and the other highlights. We also loved feeding the Colobus monkeys leaves and special grass they wanted. Brendan enjoyed being the prey for the mountain lions who were thinking he looked like a yummy snack. Thank goodness for the bars! Another great highlight was getting to see the five baby lions! All the kids and parents were cooing over them.

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