Friday, October 8, 2010

Brookshire World of Wildlife Museum

Our Family Friendly Free-bee today is in Tyler, Texas. It is a little museum called the Brookshire World of Wildlife Museum. It is a little museum filled with real wild animals that have been stuffed and are displayed in their natural surroundings along with little plaques given information about each species. Many of the animals are from Africa, but there are also representatives from the Arctic as well as right here in North America. It’s an interesting way to see some of the details in animals that you would not be able to see in a zoo setting.
After the rooms of animals, there is a replica of an old country store that your family can walk through. This was very interesting to our children…especially the candy counter. The most interesting thing to me was the prices that were listed on the items in the store. (Those were the good old days indeed.) Of course, to a family whose father is absolutely crazy about Coca-cola memorabilia, the day wouldn’t have been complete without strolling through the hall way devoted to Coke in all it’s glory.
Finally, you end up in the outdoor playground. It is completely fenced in and child friendly. They have all the trappings you would expect to find in an outdoor playground, but they have also added a few little surprises, including an old train caboose, a real fire truck and a retired tractor. All these are displayed for the sole purpose of allowing children to climb and explore them. All in all, it’s a pretty well rounded little stop. Education and physical activity all wrapped up in one neat little museum. Our boys gave it 5 thumbs up, but if you happen to have an aversion to taxidermy, you might want to think twice about strolling through the first part of the museum.

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