Monday, October 25, 2010

Eisenhower birthplace - Denison, Texas

As a fan of WW II history and a political conservative, I have always been interested in Dwight Eisenhower. While he hails from Abilene, Kansas, he was actually born in Denison, Texas. This made him the first President with ties to Texas.

His birthplace was a modest place, but we got our own personal tour guide who helped us learn not only about Eisenhower but also about what life was like during the turn of the last century (he was born in 1890). The boys especially liked the chickens, while Patsy liked the old Singer sewing machine like her grandma used to have.

We learned a few interesting things about Ike, like how he purposely stood with his arms bent and hands on his waist when addressing the troops and how he had his jacket tailored made to fit differently than the standard issue military jackets, which caused the fashion craze in both the military and eventually the civilian circles. Ike was the third of seven boys, so our family readily identified with him.

It is still to be determined if we go to his home in Abilene where both he and Mamie are buried. However I have been to seven president's graves, so it only makes sense to add an eighth.


  1. Well, howdy from Denison. The first blog post I read on here and it's about Denison, the city I live in with my family. How cool. There is more to see than Eisenhower's birth place, you should hang around and check us out.

  2. Katy, we stayed at Eisenhower State Park and loved it. I am blogging about it shortly.


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