Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eating large in Texas

Today we tried to be adventurous with food and set off as culinary tourists to some moderately well known places. First we hit the Lone Star Bakery in Round Rock, Texas where they have donuts as big as your head , or bigger depending on the size of your actual melon! We were not disappointed! For $6 you can buy one big donut, which was as good as buying a dozen regular sized ones! It was pretty tasty too. Not that I had much because of the five ravenous wolves in my pack. You can get either glazed or chocolate covered. We got one of each and saved one for tomorrow's breakfast!!

Then we went to Louie Mueller's Barbecue in Taylor, Texas. This little hole in the wall restaurant has been featured on the Food Network's Diners, Dives and Drive-ins. When you drive into this dusty little town you can scarcely believe that some pretty famous people have come from all over to eat at this place. But we smelled some good BBQ as we walked up the sidewalk to the diner. We arrived to an empty restaurant and very apologetic manager who said they had to evacuate the building because they had just called 911 due to a fire in one of "their pits!"

Next thing we know a fire truck and police car are pulling up and are dreams of good Texas barbecue were up in smokes! So we punched in barbecue on the GPS and saw a place called Salt Lick back in Round Rock. We went there, but it was too nice, too pricey and not enough meat or BBQ! Maybe when we are back in the area in December we can come back! My mouth is already watering.

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