Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunset's First Report

This my first report from the road. I know you may be thinking how am I writing this report when snakes don't have arms and hands to write with. Well of course I am having one of those humans that feed me write. So next you are asking yourself how can I tell the human what I am thinking when I do not speak the human language. Let's just say I have ways to make my thoughts known that the humans are finally catching on to.

Life on the road has been pretty good for me so far. My home has been conveniently located next to a window so I get plenty of sunlight during the day and I can see the sites as they go by. I also get a nice view of the lovely wildlife around such as squirrels, chipmunks, sparrows, moles, baby armadillos, and well you get the idea. The humans still feed me the sleeping rats, but you can't blame a snake for dreaming.

I also sleep close the human boy who calls me his pet. This is nice for him, and nice for me because he always remembers to shut my light off at night this way. It is nice for another reason, I am high enough so that the youngest humans cannot reach up and bang on my glass walls.

I am still getting held a lot and we have been visiting some more of the humans recently and their young ones have wanted to hold me a lot. I have had a few baths in the RV bathtub, but the humans we are visiting have a big bath they offered to let me swim in their giant tub. I liked this so much I left them some surprises in their tub. This caused quite a stir for the humans. I do what I can to add excitement to their boring lives!


Well that's all for now from the road. Stay tuned for more Sunset Reports as we travel the US!

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  1. Glad to hear that Sunset is enjoying himself!


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