Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dublin Dr Pepper

If anyone knows me I am a man of simple and well-known tastes. Among those tastes I have is a strong affection for pop. And two pops stand out head and shoulders above the rest, Coke Classic and Dr. Pepper. These days I mostly drink Coke Zero or Diet Dr. Pepper, but they are simply a cut below the big two.

So when I heard about the Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant in Dublin, Texas, my curiosity was naturally piqued. You see in the early 1970s the Dr. Pepper bottling company, along with most other major soda companies, switched from using pure sugar cane in their soda to the cheaper corn syrup. The Dublin plant's owner didn't like the new taste. Since her owner had an original franchise dating back to the turn of the century, she had the right to keep using the first recipe.

Today the Dublin plant is the only plant to use real sugar in their Dr. Pepper, and you can tell the difference!

So not only do they give you a tour of the factory and the adjoining mini-museum, you get a free Dublin Dr. Pepper with each ticket, for our family that totaled $10. Then I bought a six pack for the road. Oh, and before I forget, they come in glass bottles. Pure American heaven!

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