Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Texas McDonalds

For our 2nd state in our 50 states/50 McDonald's we stopped at a Golden Arches in Tyler, Texas (we are staying near here for a few days). This was a new Mickey Ds and was very clean. They have Star Wars toys and Strawberry Shortcake toys, so with each Happy Meal I had to state they were all boys.

Blake has gotten too hungry for a Happy Meal anymore, but he is 13 now. Another little phenomena when you order for seven people, you get asked "Is that all?" a lot! I have started to pre-warn to register folks with "This is a big order" or "I have five sons."

BTW - I had the angus swiss mushroom burger. This burger and their coffees have renewed my childhood infatuation with McDonalds.

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