Monday, December 19, 2011

Zoo Atlanta

We were very excited to receive free passes for our entire family to Zoo Atlanta! After a busy and hard week of volunteering at Hephzibah, we were happy to take a break on a Saturday and drive up to Atlanta for the day. We had some great weather for animals to be frolicking around, about 55 degrees and sunny!

We all had our favorite animals to see. Chase said he loved the monkeys, Brendan loved the bush dogs, David picked the naked mole rat as his favorite, Tanner picked the snakes, Blake was enamored by the ugly turtles, Patsy loved the Pandas and I thought the baby tigers were the bomb.

There were a lot of unusual animals including the family of panda bears which were quite adorable. We all did dig the naked mole rats who were quite active. The boys got to crawl through some tunnels into the  display and get the feeling of being one of the hairless wonders. They reminded us all a little of of dog Sherman with his male pattern baldness!

We had a great time watching the two toddler tigers play with each other and with their mom, who got a little mad at them and roared a very fierce roar at them! The gorillas were a ton of fun because of two little guys who were jumping on their mom's back.

We thrilled to see the elephants eating and chomping away and observe a zoo keeper handle and teach us about owls and armadillos! We visited the petting zoo where we all petted and brushed some goats and sheep. Patsy especially liked the smiling goat we met here!

Smiley Goat

There were many other animals to see and learn about and this is the perfect sized zoo for a family with little kids!

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