Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coca Cola Space and Science Center

We stopped over in Columbus, Georgia at the Coca Cola Space and Science Center in town. Our main reason for this visit was to see a film they were showing at their planetarium screen. During the month of December the film Bethlehem Star which explores some of the possible scientific phenomena that could have happened to cause the magi to seek out the child Jesus.

The film was well presented and quite fascinating. At the end of the film the narrator stated that a miracle does need a scientific explanation, which made the film a true hit in my book. There were several possible scientific explanations for the star, but in the end the film presented the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn with Earth in about 6 BC as the best natural phenomena that could have grabbed the attention of the magi.

The birth of Christ certainly took place somewhere between 3 and 8 BC, for those who were concerned about that! I also believe God could use natural wonders and phenomenas in His grand plan. After all He is the One who set the planets and stars in their orbits in the first place!

There are a few other things to explore at the museum including some flight simulators, remote control mars rovers and a weather reporter station. It is a very small little museum, but it is on our reciprocal list, so we did not have to pay to get in and got a great deal on the omnimax film.

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