Wednesday, December 14, 2011

42 in Macon

I celebrated my second birthday on the road this Monday. Actually it was my forty-second birthday overall, but the second one since we have been full-timing!

Birthdays in a motorhome are not a whole lot different than in a stick and brick house, just closer proximity to each other! Usually the gifts are pretty practical and modest, but that has always been the way we celebrate most of our birthdays! For my 42nd birthday I opened my gifts and cards after breakfast. My gifts were clothes to replace some of mine that had bitten the dust. I admit that I am pretty hard on clothes, but I get a lot of wear out of them.

After present time I volunteered at Hephzibah in Macon, Georgia, where we are staying. I hung some blinds in a few of the office windows and then later helped a new family who is moving here as house parents unload their U-Haul into one of the apartments here. Like most of my birthdays, I worked. Only this time I had my son Blake there to help me for a big part of it.

I was pretty wiped after this, but a quick shower woke me up and we all drove into Atlanta for a fun dinner at Dave and Busters. This restaurant was my request, because it is sort of like Chuck E Cheese for adults! We ate some good food and played several games and won a bunch of tickets! I also got a yummy brownie in place of a birthday cake!

All this goes to prove that even though we live in a small place and travel from location to location, we are still normal people!! Well almost normal. :)

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