Friday, December 30, 2011

50 McDonalds - Alabama

Our stop at the Bama Golden Arches was in the small town of Childersville en route to Birmingham. It was a lovely day so the boys got to play at the outdoor playland. We have been noticing a trend with Happy Meals too - more and more of them come with both a bag of apples and a extra small fries. This is a big bonus for our three little guys who like both apples and fries, and it gives Dad and Mom a feeling that they are getting something healthy and a moderate treat with their meal.

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  1. Hi... we're another full-time family! We started in Sept. from FL. I can't believe how much territory you cover! How often do you move? I also started a blog (first one ever.) I have a couple of questions on how you add things to your blog. Would you be able to help me? I would love to know how you add buttons to your sidebars, ie: full time families, the state map, etc. And how do you add the tabs at the top of your page? I know you are very busy, but if you could help me... I'd appreciate it! Happy New Year!!!


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