Monday, December 26, 2011

Away in an RV

Our little family celebrated the birth of Christ while still parked in Macon. After attending a Christmas Eve service at a local church, our night was pretty typical, with four out of five boys asleep by midnight. The trouble was that Tanner was still up and way too excited to go to sleep. The second part of this trouble was his bed is right by the stockings and Christmas tree, so needless to say we had a long night in store for us!! This is one of the roughest parts of living in the RV.

Christmas morning started early with a flurry of excited activity. Everyone was pretty happy with their gifts and there was enough new inside toys that they found plenty to do on a rainy day, which gave dad and mom a chance to rest a little.

Another issue with living in Howard is cooking a huge meal. While I am sure we could have done it with our two small ovens and the crockpot, we just did not feel like we wanted to do all that cooking and find spaces to place the food in the middle of all the packages, boxes, toys, wrapping paper and boys bouncing off the walls!

So we loaded up the mini-van and the Martin clan headed to the Golden Corral. To our surprise we were joined by a large number of other folks who must not have wanted to bother with cooking themselves. We enjoyed having our choice in foods, and we really liked the chocolate fountain. We enjoyed less the swarms of roaming toddlers and sweet potato souffle fighters. It felt like Santa's workshop on Christmas Eve. Both exciting and chaotic.

After lunch we returned home to play some new Wii games, pop some popcorn and watch Kung Fu Panda 2. Eventually Patsy and I retired to our room to watch our lovable Bears get scored by the Packers, boo hoo. In all honesty I think we will look back on this and last Christmas on the road with great fondness, but are looking forward to Christmas next year in a stick and brick home.

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  1. I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)


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