Saturday, December 3, 2011

Minister's Treehouse

In Crossville, Tennessee there lies a boy's dream, or maybe any kid's dream. In this sleepy little town in central Tennessee a pastor has been building a treehouse for several years and it is now over seven stories high. On a snowy afternoon in November I gave Patsy an afternoon off and took my five boys to the Minister's Treehouse.

Our boys loved this little stop and even though it was a cold day they never once complained while they explored every nook and cranny of this wonderland. We had a fun time finding school desks, a little chapel with a Bible carved from wood and a tower where we could see the name of Jesus cut in the landscape.

While there are some places in this treehouse that might not seem safe, this added to the sense of adventure for our boys. They loved swinging on the lawn chair hanging from a beam far above and climbing up and down stairs and ladders that creaked and groaned a little bit.

We spent about an hour here and had a fun time and never had to pay a thing because this a free place to visit, although they do take donations to help with the upkeep of the treehouse.

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