Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Point

Does Patsy have the same color hair as a wooly mammoth?

Utah is known for many things, including being a land of fossils. We had to take some dead dinos in so we visited the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. I had read that there are more dinosaur fossils here than any other museum in the world.

There were a ton of fossils here for sure. Two big T-Rexs, duckbills, triceratops, all the big ones plus a ton more we had never heard of. They even had some ancient bugs fossilized in amber, just like on Jurassic Park. I tried to buy an "amberized" fossil to attach to my walking stick, but no such luck!

The big fossils were impressive, but we also liked the hands-on activities that were interspersed throughout the museum. Digging for dinosaur bones, building your own dinosaur and creating erosion with sand and water.

We also one of the 3D films, SeaRex. We thought this would be about the largest marine dinosaur fossil ever found, with maybe some evolution theory thrown in. However it was almost completely about evolution with a little dinosaur stuff thrown in. While it was a good film in terms of special effects, it was nearly insulting how they put their theories of the birth of life and this earth are a fact. I felt like I was watching a propaganda film.

So if you go to Thanksgiving Point, you may want to go the Museum of Ancient Life, but skip the movie if you do not like to be told what to think!

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