Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Today we celebrated our first Easter living on the Road in a 300 square foot motorhome. We had a nice time even without a big home to find eggs in. Still the Easter Bunny had a hard time waiting until everyone fell asleep and filling baskets in the dark and hiding eggs in the rain! Oh well, as a friend of mine said "Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus!"

Some other highlights of our Easter holiday.

  • Visited a nice church here in Utah. Powerful preaching for sure. Love it there are still churches that proclaim God's Word.
  • First time in two decades I wasn't running around crazy and busier than a one-armed paper hanger on Easter weekend. I took my family to church, sat with my wife in service, worshipped God with no preoccupying thoughts.
  • Saturday I took my kids to a community Easter Egg hunt and just enjoyed being a dad and watching my kids grab for the eggs!
  • Tanner's teacher at the church told us how knowledgable he was about the Bible. Best thing you can tell a parent, at least us!
  • Sherman ate two jelly beans. That and the smell of ham wafting in the air and we had one crazy and hyper little Chihuahua.
  • Three words - Durkee Green Beans
  • Watched the new Veggie Tales Easter DVD with the youngest boys.
Earlier in the week we taped this special Easter version of Kevin Shutterbug during one of our visits to Zion National Park. Enjoy the scenery and our boys explaining just what Easter is all about!

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