Thursday, April 28, 2011

Arches National Park

We are so sorry, but this post has been removed becasue it is a aprt of our book Napkin Dreams that details our trip around America!


Check out this post and more of Patsy's posts at her blog at Kirace!


  1. After leaving Sedona we headed to the Grand canyon and tomorrow we are of towards Bryce Canyon and then over to National Arches. I am so looking forward to it :)

    We will hit White Sands later in the month too so I am not sure how it clings but the red sand stays!!! I love it but boy does it ever make a mess! It's interesting how it raises fingerprint marks on the truck but there is no hiding the "dirt".

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. I pop in on yours once in awhile too. Finding it hard to keep up with reading other blogs while on the road. Looks like the path you've taken is where we are heading. Did you see Bats in Carlsbad? FYI I was a huge fan of the gorilla picture :)

  2. We didn't get to to see the bats at Carlsbad because they were south for the summer. We did see the bats under the bridge in Austin, Texas though, which was amazing! We are in Colorado near Mesa Verde now!

    My wife says we mixed the white sand from new mexico with the red sand from Sedona and Arches into a nice pink sand rolling around Howard now!


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