Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hanging out in Salt Lake City

We spent a great afternoon in downtown Salt Lake City. Our first stop was the Gateway Discovery Museum, a children's museum that was part of our membership program. This is a small little museum designed with kids under seven in mind.

Needless to stay our three younger boys loved the place and there were many shouts of amazement and excitement as we entered Gateway. Their favorite spot was the little city where they could dress up and play roles such as construction worker, letter carrier, farmer, grocer, etc.. Blake and Tanner may be a little old to play these games, but they can live a second childhood by playing with their little brothers who love to have them as playmates.

They also got to put on a little play for us by dressing up as Robin Hood and his merry men, play in a life-sized, albeit pretend helicopter, making sound effects and creating their own cartoons.

After a couple hours of this type of creative play we headed over to the nearby Ben and Jerry's ice-cream shop. You see April 12th was Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's which is quite a deal for a family of seven! The line was stretched out all along the outdoor mall, but the weather was pleasant and the line moved quickly and soon we were licking our way through flavors like Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Brownie and Maple Blondie! Yum Yum!!

After this we had to head over to Hatch Family Chocolates. We loved the Little Chocolatiers when they were on TLC, mostly because their chocolate creations looked so delectable. The show is off the air now, but we promised ourselves to stop in when we were in Salt Lake City. Just Patsy and I went in, leaving Blake in charge in the van outside. This way we could peruse in peace!

Patsy had a bit of a thrill as she got to talk to Steve, one of the owners and stars of the TV show. No autographs were exchanged, but he was very kind and asked us questions. His wife Katie is from Chicago so he was quite familiar with Illinois. I could tell there was a little thrill for Patsy getting to talk to a "celebrity."

We purchased a couple of turtles for ourselves and a mixture of chocolate covered Oreos and gummy worms for the boys. We did save these for later - with Ben and Jerry's still lingering on our taste buds and all.

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