Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Mayan

Some full-time RVing friends of ours advised us that when we hit Salt Lake City to be sure and visit the Mayan Restaurant. Thanks to our friends at Coast to Coast Trips for a great tip! We had a blast at The Mayan. The entire decor of the place is amazing, sort of Central American, Mayan, Indiana Jones feel.

Right away our boys were in awe of the giant snake statues out in front of the place. Once inside we were sat in front of a pool with a faux mountain next to it. The whole restaurant surrounds this mountain and pool area, with balconies and terraces going up four levels in a treehouse like fashion.

The mountain and pool are central to this eating establishment because this is where the entertainment takes place. No, there was no human sacrifices nor were there any dire predictions about 2012. Instead we were thrilled to high divers jumping from around 30 feet in the air into the pool. For those who stand next to the pool you might get a little wet!

Another act involved a curtain dancer who also dived from her curtain perch. During her act one of the divers proposed to her from below while his friends held up a sign reading "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" After her act she dived in the water, climbed up on the rock where her beau was waiting with the ring. He got down on his knees in front of God and all the rest of us! She said yes! Of course my wife loved this little unexpected side show!

We did have a very fun time at the Mayan! Oh, and the food was good too - Mexican food if you were wondering.

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