Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Way Street

Our family finished our Colorado ministry tour by stopping by One Way Street. This was a unique stop for us because it is the "birthplace" of Blake's alter ego, Kevin Shutterbug. One Way Street has a been a supporter of our traveling ministry, Kidology to Go. They are primarily a puppet making company, but they also have skits, books, DVDS, illusions, props and other kids' ministry aids that they sell.

It was pretty cool for our kids to see all the puppets, including the ones that were in the process of being made. We also enjoyed taking a look at their warehouse which had boxes and boxes of different puppets. I spotted several puppets we have used through the years, including the heart puppet and a Bible puppet. It made us nostalgic for the days of working hands on with kids! Children's ministry can be so much fun. Then I remembered all the recruiting and the volunteers that never showed up and I was cured of my nostalgic moment!

Still One Way Street is a great organization helping outfit children's ministries across the United States and the entire world. Of course Kevin Shutterbug had to do a live report from One Way Street, which included a little talk with One Way Street President Todd Liebenow!

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