Friday, May 13, 2011

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

We had a couple of cold rainy days in Denver so we decided to take advantage of our reciprocal museum membership and visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We would get into this museum for free with our membership, but we saw they had the traveling Pirates exhibit here. We have seen this exhibit advertised before in other cities, and we were all excited about seeing and exploring it for the first time! Normally they charge $20 extra for adults and $11 for kids for this exhibit, on top of their museum entrance. For members however they only charge $7 each for adults and $3 for kids. For pirates we could do that, cheaper than the new movie for sure!!

When we got there, the museum informedus they could not use our reciprocal membership for the Pirate exhibit discount! Ugghh!! There was no way our family was going to pay almost $100 for entrance to this exhibit.

Of course trying to explain to our younger members we were NOT going to see Pirates exhibit was a bit dicey and we nearly had one meltdown. We continued on through the museum, but fellow full-timers, beware of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and their special exhibits. Kind of a rotten policy if you ask us!

They did have a nice exhibit. We didn't like their dinosaur exhibit, it was in your face evolution propaganda. However they have a nice Egyptian exhibit and lots of taxidermed animals. We really enjoyed their space room, where there were lots of hands on exhibits and volunteers to talk to. The little boys enjoyed their discovery room and we all loved playing with the high-powered microscope in that room. They also have a very cool gem and rock display. There are thousands of amazing geological wonders to see here!

I was proud of our boys for how they rebounded from their disappointment of not getting to see the pirate exhibit. They did get their picture taken with a pirate outside the exhibit! After an afternoon of exploring and learning we went to another Man vs Food restaurant, home of the 20-lb breakfast burrito - Jack n Grill. no we did not order the 20-lb wonder, but we have some nice Mexican food with some good guacamole to go with it!

Pork Burrito marinated in chile sauce

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