Thursday, May 19, 2011

Compassion International

Colorado is home to many para-church ministries and charities, and we are taking some of our time here to visit them and expose our kids to their mission and purpose. Today we visited Compassion International, also headquartered in Colorado Springs. In the lobby they have some statues of kids from Latin America, Asia and Africa coming to a statue of Jesus. They let kids crawl up in the lap of Jesus for a photo. Pretty cool!

We have been big fans of Compassion for years and have supported a little boy named Jerson from Honduras through this ministry for about six years. The tour was very nice, we were the only ones on the tour. They show a little shanty that represents what many kids in third world countries live in. They also have a sample mission school from Latin America that shows where kids who have Compassion sponsors might go to.

I have always felt that kids of the world were the most marginalized group of people in history. The sad fact is they receive very little of the aid and charity that is often meant for them. Parents use money for drugs and alcohol, governments take huge portions of it via graft and corruption and so many charities take big chunks of their donations for administrative costs. Compassion is one of the best charities in terms of percentage of donations used for administrative costs and they do everything in name of Christ, teaching and preaching the Gospel to every child they help out. They also do a great job working with national churches and employing local people to work in their field offices.

This is truly a class organization doing an amazing work with eternity in mind. Consider sponsoring a child or even two! It is a great chance to teach your own kids or grandkids about how blessed they are and how God wants us to be grateful and generous with these blessings!

At the end of our tour we stopped by Patsy's Candies in Manitou Springs for a photo op and a bit of chocolate. We also took a taste from one of their famous natural springs. We thought it was gross!


  1. Thanks for the great tour of Compassion International! We have also been supporters of children through this great organization for many years. All of our children have been from India. Now that we know tours are available, we will stop during our next pass through the area. Thanks very much for this informative post.


  2. We enjoyed the tour and we love Compassion!


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