Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Los Alamos

Every kid should know where and how the government of the United States engineered the nuclear bomb! I had heard of the mysterious Los Alamos laboratory where Robert Oppenheimer led a team of scientists from all over the world in a race to beat the Germans in developing the world's first Atom bomb. As it turned out it was the Japanese who the US would feel forced to use the most famous bombs in history against.

The two bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were named Fat Man and Little Boy. Fat Man was a very round bomb and was named after Winston Churchill. There are exact replica of these two bombs at the Los Alamos Bradbury Museum, minus the radioactive material! There are lots of interactive displays at this free museum for kids and adult alike. They also have a couple of films, one which tells the history of the laboratory, the people that have lived there and the making of the nuclear bomb. The laboratory continues to oversee the safeguarding and disposal of the nation's nuclear armament as well as work on the new, top-secret government type things. Probably dissecting aliens and cloning the President.

After letting the boys play around in the puzzle room, we headed over to a restaurant that our friends from Santa Fe, Daryl and Christina Breeze, had told us we had to try. Hill Diner in Los Alamos. We didn't stop here for dinner, but rather for the gigantic pieces of banana cream pie. It was a truly atomic experience!

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