Friday, October 14, 2011

Fort Necessity

So what was our families most memorable experience at Fort Necessity? Caterpillars, slugs and hornets! 

Sure we learned how George Washington once led a group of Colonial militia to this very spot during the French and Indian War. We enjoyed learning more about this site and how Washington had his men build a fort here after an altercation with French troops led him to believe a fort would be necessary for his mens' protection. This was also the site of Washington's firs defeat as a combat commander, surrendering to French forces who greatly outnumbered his own troops.

We discovered a ton more about the French and Indian War and the National Road that runs right by the fort site. The National Road runs right by the fort site and was the first true US highway running from DC all the way to Illinois. A few of the original mile markers dating back over 200 years still exist long what is now US 40!

Overall this visit to this particular National Park was very educational for all of us. But during our visit and upon leaving the only things our boys could talk about was different species of caterpillar, a slimy slug and swarm of hornets on an apple we found meandering our way through the historical park. Maybe we should call it Fort Creepy crawly instead of Fort Necessity?

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