Sunday, October 23, 2011

Corvettes and Cupcakes

Bowling Green is home to Corvettes. Both a Corvette Plant and Corvette Museum call this small southern Kentucky city home. While I would consider my favorite sports car a Mustang, you have to admire the beauty, grace and power of the Corvette through the years.

The Corvette Museum features many various Vettes dating back through the decades. All the cars on display are in mint condition, and are really works of art themselves. Yes, walking through the Corvette Museum is really more breathtaking than strolling through a top-notch art gallery! There are a few hands on displays, such as a virtual pit-crew game and chance to test your knowledge of Corvette trivia, but for the most part this is mostly about admiring classic automobiles!

So after enjoying a manly place like the Corvette Museum, what does the Martin family do? We chow down on some gourmet cupcakes of course! Bowling Green is also home to Gigi's Cupcakes, a little shop that is taking full advantage of the current cupcake mania sweeping the nation! ;)

Now these particular cupcakes are topped with mound of frosting, which only true manly men can handle. On this visit only Blake and I could finish our pile of sweet and soft gooey goodness!

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