Friday, October 7, 2011

Carnegie Science Center

We continued enjoying our reciprocal museum membership when we visited the Carnegie Science Center in downtown Pittsburgh for free! This is one amazing museum and we wished we had carved out more time to spend there.

The first exhibit we made a beeline for was the robots exhibit. Here we got to see the robot hall of fame, play air hockey against a robot and watch a robot shoot hoops, among other things. This is a very cool exhibit.

Next we saw the aquarium exhibit where we explored undersea life with cameras, magnifying glasses and  close-up habitats! After this we went to an amazing show on electricity where our family was almost the lone guests for the show, joined by two gentlemen who let us have most of the fun! The boys all got to help first hand in this show, and so did Patsy, who was a source of great laughter. We loved this show and learned lots of things, and our favorite demonstration was the giant "lightning machine" that was loud and crackled with some huge voltage of electrical bursts.

The museum has an entire floor which is set up as a hands-on children's type museum. Here the boys sat in the earthquake cafe, pet a turtle, routed and re-routed water, made their own cartoons, and a host of other activities that put their noggins to work!

We love it when our kids get a mental workout and have a blast doing it! Thanks Carnegie Science Center!!

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