Friday, October 28, 2011

First year in review

It has been awhile since I, Sunset the Snake gave one of my reports from the road. So since I do not have as much to do I thought I could report on the first year the Martin family has spent on the road. Yes a snake has put together a video, made the map and compiled the stats! If you do not believe this then you're imagination is seriously lacking and I am afraid you may suffer from serpent prejudice! Sorry about the lack of sound on the video, youtube has been having fits accepting the music, but we are trying to replace the sound with an audio swap but youtube is also having fits with that!

So here is the adventure by the numbers:

  • We started in Cambridge, IL and ended the year in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • We traveled over 35,000 miles between the RV and the vans.
  • We visited 22 states
  • Over 100 Walmarts and 1 Target
  • We replaced eight tires.
  • We visited 17 Zoos/Aquariums.
  • We lost a total of 7 teeth.
  • We explored 49 National Parks.
  • We soaked up the sun on 10 different beaches.
  • We ate at over 70 unique eateries and 25 different McDonalds and 95 other national or regional restaurant chains! 
  • We saw at least 277 different species of animals.
  • We toured 27 workplaces.
  • We went to 6 different amusement parks.
  • We spent time in two different countries.
  • We traversed through 42 state parks.
  • We stayed at over 120 campgrounds!
  • Celebrated 7 birthdays.
  • Expanded our horizons in over 40 museums.
  • All in 372 days (this is from 9/23/10 - 10/1/11)

Check out the basic path we took on our trip in the first year!

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