Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Evansville Museum

We visited the Evansville, Indiana Museum for one reason. Membership to this particular museum gets you the benefit of a reciprocal membership to many other museums across the country, and the membership cost of joining the Evansville Museum is one of the lowest on the reciprocal list at only $50 a year for a family!

The museum itself is not that great and not worth traveling very far to see. The best part of the museum is actually an adjacent transportation museum. Membership at the Evansville Museum gets you free entrance into the transportation museum. In this museum they have a model train set and a real train with passenger cars to explore and an engine with a bell to ring. The passenger cars were used by both the Eisenhowers and Johnsons during Presidential campaigns, so we had a bit of history to explore.

The main museum had a floor with some art exhibits, some bamboo baskets made in Japan, a small area with some hands-on exhibits  and an area showing what life was like in Evansville through the years. the museum is pretty small and took less than two hours to go through both of them.

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