Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New England McDonalds whirlwind tour

We ran out of time while exploring New England and had to visit three states in one day in order to get an appointment in upstate New York in time. We will hopefully one day visit this area again. The states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont were both firsts for any of us, not just on this trip, but anytime during our lives! They are quite beautiful and we basically drove through without appreciating all they have to offer.

We started off in Westport, Massachusetts where we stopped in for some iced coffees for Patsy and I. This was one of nicest McDonalds we have ever seen with some very classy landscaping! Wow, who would have thunk it!

For lunch the boys were treated to lunch at a McDonalds in Kittery, Maine. Patsy and I did not eat here, we will post about our Maine lobster treats later.

Later in the afternoon we stopped in Lebanon, New Hampshire for some cookies for the kids! Wow, this is a record for the Martin family!! We actually hit five restaurants in one day! We will blog about our Vermont dinner soon and special cappuccino later.

To top off our McDonalds in every state we visit we hit one for breakfast for Patsy and I in Burlington, Vermont the next morning. So now we can avoid all McDonalds for maybe the rest of the summer. Hmmm, I am not sure about that, after all, their coffees are divine!!

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