Friday, May 4, 2012


While we spoke at a church near Plattsburgh, New York, we crossed over Lake Champlain on a ferry from Vermont. this was pretty exciting for everyone because, well it is out of the ordinary. We have been on a ferry before, most recently to Balboa Island last March. But this is the first time we have taken Howard on an ferry. This was both cool and expensive.

While crossing the lake we kept a sharp eye out for America's Loch Ness monster - Champ. Champ has been rumored to live in these deep waters for many ages and there have been some sightings even photographs. We thought we might have spotted him ourselves - see if you can see him in the photograph below.

The church had a great little spot for us to camp at while we were there. This little camping spot was perfect because we full hook-ups, a quiet location, playground equipment and it was right next to Lake Champlain. Thus we had more opportunity to spot our mystical creature. We definitely saw a few loons and kingfishers at this beautiful location!

The church we spoke at is in nearby West Chazy and will soon become our home. We were there to candidate and were eventually offered the position of senior pastor here. So our full-time traveling days will be coming to an end when we start at West Chazy Community Church on July 1st. We plan on keeping Howard and still traveling from time to time. Our love of exploring will always burn bright.

Our GPS while on the ferry - in the middle of a lake!

Be sure to keep tuned in to our blog as we will continue sharing updates from the road these next couple of months and wrap it up once we stop. We also plan on writing a book detailing our journeys!


  1. How exciting to see how the Lord is working in your family. Keep us posted! Hopefully, one day, we can come worship with you!


  2. It would be so awesome to have the Golden Gang visit us!!


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