Sunday, March 25, 2012

Star City

Our visit to the Roanoke Valley has been great, visiting friends and catching up with what has been happening in their lives! So many of the kids that were once young children when we moved here in 2003 are now young men and women! It always warms our hearts when they remember us and give us hugs and even seem excited to see us. This makes all the hard work and panic Sundays looking for volunteers all worthwhile!

We spent time with David and Chase's biological family, including their little sister Ana. We visited with Brendan's family last time in town and we had so many people wanting to see us that we didn't get to see them this trip. We spent evenings with our good friends the Knicks, the Beechers, the Arthurs, the Poes and Pam and Zach O'Neal.

Blake had his two best friends, Camden and Kobe Gibson over to Howard for a day of video games. They are all three looking like young men, but I still remember quite clearly the days when we would have sleepovers and they were all little munchkins running around with plastic swords and batman costumes! Blake and Tanner were also invited to a birthday party for Bryce Knick and had a great time with them.

No trip to Roanoke is complete without a trip to the top of Mill Mountain. Even on a rainy day the view of the city of Roanoke is breathtaking and the huge star is a familiar and sentimental favorite of our family. Plus it is free - which is always a bonus for our family.

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