Thursday, March 8, 2012

Charles Towne Landing

Our family visited Charleston, South Carolina a few years ago and we really fell in love with this old city. We visited several sites in the area, so this time around we have tried to see some of the sites we did not see before. And of course we need to pick attractions that are either free for us or very cheap. Previously we visited Fort Sumter, Patriot's Point and Middleton Plantation, along with a carriage tour of the "Holy City." Pretty much all of the main attractions.

So what is left to see in Charleston? Our first attraction we visited was Charles Towne Landing. This state park is located on the original site of the British settlement, called Charles Towne back in 1670. The park has a small zoo area with some animals that were once native to this area. Some still are a part of the local ecological system. We were very fortunate because several of the animals were playful. The otters were swimming and wrestling, the puma was stalking and the black bear was wresting a huge pipe. Nice to see animals in the moderate spring weather.

The park was alive with blooms of azaleas and other flowers, so Patsy was busy expressing her artistic side, trying to capture the essence of every bloom in America! It really is a beautiful campus. There are lots of things to see at Charles Landing, but one of our favorites is a recreation of a 17th century trader boat named Adventure. The boys were recruited by the interpreter to hoist the anchor, pump the water and steer the ship. This type of craft was a small merchant ship from the era, with a crew from six to ten. Not exactly pirates or John Paul Jones, but fun and educational still.

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