Wednesday, March 21, 2012

50 McDonalds - North Carolina

We popped into the small town of Jonestown for our North Carolina McDonalds stop. This particular store had a large playground where our boys got some pent up energy out of their system. They kept calling for their older brother Blake to come and join them in the tubes.

Alas poor Blake is too tall and too old to join his younger siblings in the tubes, unless of course one gets hurt or stuck, which doesn't happen much anymore. I think some days he secretly wishes to be a kid again so he could join the younger ones and imagine being in any number of different worlds up in the tubes. I am pleased to say he still plays some with even the youngest of his brothers and is the official go to guy for all issues pertaining to Legos, video games or Star Wars. I feel like I have an assistant dad on my side now!

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