Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wild and crazy times in Rockford

Our time in Rockford was a great stay, made greater by our "campground"-  the backyard of our friends Rick and Anita Fritz. While it is not really a campground, they have full-hookups, a playground, picnic tables and a pond with fish and frogs for the boys to catch and feed!

We saw both of grandmas, who are doing pretty well. I was actually surprised by how well my Grandma Martin was doing, after her recent health battles and hospital stays. We also spent time with Patsy's family, her parents and her sister Chris. It was so nice to spend time with them after such a long time in between visits.

Rockford - home of the sock monkey!
Of course we had some of our favorite local food samplings like Old Salty and Mrs. Fisher Potato Chips, a couple of gyros from Uncle Nicks and a lunch at the Illinois Machine Shed. We topped all this fun and frolic off with a pasta dinner with the Taddeuci family and an interview with the local CBS affiliate, WIFR!

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