Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amish Acres

On our way to Elkhart we had to stop off at Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana. There are a ton of things to do at the the Amish Acres including a Thresher's Family-style Dinner, little shops, a fudge store, a playhouse with dramas showing nightly and a meat and cheese store. We chose to look around and have some ice-cream at the soda shop.

During this time of year there were several scarecrows on display put together by local businesses, charities and school groups. We liked the scarecrow that looked like a crow with little scarecrows on his shoulder. We did not like the Elvis scarecrow whose head had fallen off! Too weird to think of a beheaded Elvis!!

We took the time to educate our sons on the Amish way of life. A couple of years ago we visited Amish country near Lancaster, Pennsylvania and took a buggy ride through the area with a nice Amish gentleman as our guide. Our older boys remember this, so this was a refresher course. But our littles guys were quite thrilled to see so many horses and buggies and little boys in straw hats! This was a short stay at Amish Acres, but a place we want to spend more time in the future. Patsy and I are thinking a nice weekend away just the two of us and a Thresher dinner with an Amish play.

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