Monday, August 8, 2011

Trainland USA

Our family visited Trainland USA in Colfax, Iowa for the sheer fun of it! What boy does not love model trains? One of my best Christmas memories was waking up and finding a model train layout my dad had made for me. I still have many of those old engines and cars from that set. I dream one day to have a set in a basement - probably for my grandkids!!

This video is set to Wabash Cannonball by Boxcar Willie. Not only were there a ton of Lionel trains and amazing layouts from various locations at Trainland USA, but there were also lots of buttons to push to make things happen in the layout. This was a big attraction for our hands-on group of children!

Visitors to Trainland USA get to set off fireworks, tip an outhouse, buy some ice-cream and swing on a tire-swing! What a cute and fun stop for train-lovers and non-train-lovers.

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