Thursday, August 25, 2011

Knigge Farms

Our cheese loving family of seven had a blast touring a working dairy farm near Omro, Wisconsin. The Knigge Family Farms was one of the best "factory tours" our family has taken so far!

Mr. Knigge, the founder of the farm, gave us the tour himself. The unique aspect of this dairy farm is that is all robotic. The cows wait in line to get milked by this machine which holds the promise of a treat for the lovely Guernseys. Then it uses lazers to line up the milkers withe udders, cleans the cow, pumps the milk, stores the milk and then opens the gates for the next lovely lady.

The happy cows of this Wisconsin dairy also live in a temperature controlled barn that mists the cows when it gets over 75 degrees and they eat a wonderful diet of mixed grains, corn and grass.

At the end of our tour we each got a package of string cheese made from the milk given by the bovines we saw in action! Very tasty indeed.

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