Monday, August 22, 2011

Mt. Olympus

We got super deals from our campground at the Wisconsin Dells for a day at Mt. Olympus and could not resist the offer of paying about 20 percent of normal entry cost!

Mt. Olympus is part amusement park, part water park, part go-kart park. We did a little of each, but spend the entire afternoon and evening at the water park. There are some great rides at the water park, including man different styles of slides, a wave pool, some lazy rivers, and three different little kid areas.

For our family the coolest attraction was Poseidon's Wrath, where every few minutes a huge nine foot wave is unleashed on the bobbing crowd of sun-baked tourists. If you stand towards the back the wave is only about two or three feet when it hits you, which was just perfect for our three youngest guys! They still got pulled back and had to hang onto our hands for dear life, with plenty of giggles and screams of joy to go along with the flush of terror that comes from being swept up in a miniature tsunami!

We also enjoyed the slides, and all three of the little boys went down some of the bigger slides, which produced even more shouts of joy and glee which were heard around the park. Chase just about sucked all the air out of the park when he saw a pirate ship with slides and fountains and other fun playthings.

My one complaint with Mt. Olympus was that they would not let one of our younger boys ride in the go-karts with Blake. Since they had to ride with an adult and an adult could only take one extra rider with them, and the lines were about an hour long, it made it very difficult for our family to all go on the go-kart rides. Besides this we all had a great day of playing and enjoying the fun in the sun.

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