Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunset Reports on Dinner

It has been awhile since I last wrote, mostly because the humans have been so busy hoggin all the blog-time I never get to put my thoughts in!

Well I have been thinking what might interest my legions and legions of fans about my life on the road with the Martin family. My thoughts were naturally directed to what they are normally consumed with - food. For those of you are a bit squeamish, you may want to quit reading. You see the main staple of my diet is dead rats.

My people buy them from pet stores frozen and then thaw them out for me in this thing they call the "Rat Bowl." Now you may think this all sounds disgusting, but in truth they are quite appetizing, being farm raised rats they taste quite nice.

I have noticed however that rats from different areas of the country have their own unique taste. Rats from Wyoming, for example have an open range taste, while the rats from Arizona require a bit of getting used to, having a desserty flavor, almost gritty in texture. California rats have the flavor of the sea while Utah rats are quite salty. My favorite rats so far, however, have been from the state of Texas. Being a big fan of tangy barbecue, I was pleasantly surprised that even the rats in Texas have a the zesty taste of barbecue!

How could this be, you might ask? Well I am not quite sure myself, but ours is not to question why. All as I know is that I hope we make a return trip to the Lone Star State!!

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