Sunday, June 12, 2011

Buffalo Bill Historical Center

But the love of adventure was in father's blood.

Somewhere back in my family lineage on my Grandma March's side I am related to the famous cowboy, pony express rider and western adventurer Buffalo Bill Cody. As a kid I heard about this quite often and we visited the Buffalo Bill Historical Center on a trip out west. My mom was quite proud of her famous forefather, and I guess I am too. Now my boys talk about their family lineage as well.

We knew we had to stop by the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming to learn a little bit more about the adventurer that runs through our bloodlines. First thing we saw was a chuckwagon outside the museum where those of us that wanted some were treated to cowboy chili and biscuits! Nearby the boys explored some pretty cool teepees. A large statue of Buffalo Bill overlooks the front of the museum. the place was shaping up to be kid friendly!

Inside we saw tons of Buffalo Bill relics, posters from his Wild West show, furniture and guns and jewelry his family owned and some old films of his show. We learned a little more about Annie Oakley and the Plains Indians who starred in his show as well.

There are other exhibits in the museum including one on the wildlife of Yellowstone. We attended a cool talk on raptors (birds of prey) and all the boys loved this talk. The presenter did an excellent job explaining the unique qualities of birds like eagles, hawks, falcons, ospreys and owl. She also had lots of hands-on props which is great for boys who learn while touching!

While the museum was a trifle pricey, we really enjoyed learning about and taking some pride in our ancestor Buffalo Bill Cody in the very town he founded!


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